Metaphysical Fabrications

52 new sounds (snapshots), 30 new samples, and new features for Reaktor’s Metaphysical Function

Metaphysical FabricationsMetaphysical Fabrications is a unique and creative collection of 52 evolving smooth and complex soundscapes, pulsing and arrhythmic textures, heavy and raw creations, and swirling shaped drones by Christian Kjeldsen, one of Metaphysical Function’s original sound designers.

New features include the ability to play the Resochord like a musical instrument via MIDI note input, providing faster and engaging control of each comb filter’s pitch; the ability to create chord progressions with the Resochord via Metaphysical Function’s slider automation or via MIDI note input; Oscillator trim; Stereo input toggle; Sample vs Input crossfade
; Pitch bend and Mod Wheel control; and re-triggering of Sampler and Slider Automation via MIDI note input.

Please take a look at the included ReadMe file for descriptions and how to use the new features and notes on the snap shots.

System Requirements:

  • 249.5 MB of disc space
  • Reaktor 5.9.4 or higher

Download requirements:

  • The size of the download is approx. 95.6 MB

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