Echoes in the Aether

52 new patches, 494 macro patches, and 64 new samples for Absynth 5

Echoes in the AetherEchoes in the Aether is a unique and creative sound library geared toward interactivity and playability. The library includes:

  • Airy and smooth to rhythmic and complex pads
  • Soft pulsing leads to massive grooving bass sounds
  • Eerie to serene otherworldly soundscapes
  • Edgy and raw synth sounds
  • Uniquely processed drums

Each of the 52 sounds comes with a variety of macro patches, which are additional sounds that were created by only using macro controls. Macro patches give you a glimpse to what is possible with the macro controls of a patch and provides the availability of immediate variation. The setup and layout of the controls allow for a wide amount of variation and exploration.

Check out what some people are saying:

Brian Clevenger
Absynth creator & synth master wizard

Your bank is wonderful. The patches are very deep and expressive, you’re doing very sophisticated things. (I’m very happy to see someone using the control driven envelopes feature!) It’s a great composer’s toolkit, musicians could do a lot of stuff with this bank.

Jeff Witcher
Lead Sound Designer at Rockstar Games & Emmy Winning Sound Designer

I absolutely love this library of sounds. There are no words to adequately describe the warm, gooey goodness Christian Kjeldsen has created with this library of aural delights. Drenched with smooth emotion and evolving qualities, I am fascinated with these sounds and look forward to crafting a plethora of musical material with them.

Timo Preece
Audio Technology Journalist at Ask.Audio

Even if you’re an experienced sound designer prone to steer away from presets, there’s a lot to be learned from backwards engineering these patches. The layout and organization is inspiring let alone the quality, flexibility, functionality and expressiveness of the sounds and modulation schemes. I’m looking forward to more genius in future releases from contortDistort but for the meantime remain content knowing that I’ve got heaps more to explore with Echoes in the Aether.

System Requirements:

  • 66.9 MB of disk space
  • Absynth 5.2.1 or higher

Download requirements:

  • The size of the download is approx. 57.4 MB

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