Out now: Echoes in the Aether for Absynth 5

contortDistort announces the release of Echoes in the Aether, a new library of 52 new patches, 494 macro patches, and 64 new samples for Absynth 5.

Echoes in the Aether is a unique and creative library of sounds that includes:

-Airy and smooth to rhythmic and complex pads
-Soft pulsing leads to massive grooving bass sounds
-Eerie to serene, otherworldly soundscapes
-Edgy and raw synth sounds
-Uniquely processed drums

Each of the 52 sounds comes with a variety of macro patches, which are additional sounds that were created by using only the macro controls of the performance page. Macro patches give you a glimpse to what is possible with the macro controls of a patch and provides the availability of immediate variation. The setup and layout of the controls allow for a wide amount of variation and exploration.

Absynth was another synthesizer that I did sound design for in the early days of my sound design career, which at that time was Absynth 3. There wasn’t any particular genre of sound or music in mind. My goal with this project was to create unique sounds that are fun, creative, and interactive, while still being playable and useful in a variety of genres.

Download the Echoes in the Aether library here.

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